EM Rose brings the same construction management processes to caring for your home that we do to building homes. We start by identifying what your home needs and what we recommend to reduce the cost to maintain it, and develop a year-round schedule to take care of all of the things necessary to keep your home in the condition you expect.

At EM Rose, you will have a single point of contact who will coordinate all of the resources needed to care for your home. We will customize an expert team based on:

  • What your house is
  • How it is built
  • How you use it
  • To what standard you want it maintained

Our team will also review your existing systems and technology to determine opportunities for upgrades and enhancements to help your home function better for you.

The same level of knowledge, expertise and care used to build your home should be used to maintain it. EM Rose has spent decades knowing more and building better fine homes with our expert team of craftsmen and project managers. And the same is true for our Estate Care. We dedicate the same level of care and team of experts for every fine home.