For families whose homes we have built or remodeled, our care doesn’t end when the project does. EM Rose Estate Care picks up when construction ends, offering a full-range of Estate Care services to maintain every aspect of your home and property.

We are also the perfect solution for families with homes in Connecticut and Eastern New York who wish they could simply hand-off the responsibility of taking care of their home. We take over the role as “Captain” to care for fine homes of all sizes—even if we did not originally build them—to restore, maintain, and even renovate them.

Whether a storm is coming or just passed, you lack a relationship with the original builder or you’re just not happy with your current home maintenance providers, EM Rose can help. It’s not just about having one contact. It’s about having one contact who can understand your home better than you can, while being accountable for it. EM Rose is an award-winning builder who can help.

Most importantly, we’re here to be your long-term partner and take care of your home.