Since 1994, EM Rose has been setting the highest standard for building and maintaining high-quality properties. From our transparency to our technology, our discipline to our leadership, working with EM Rose is unlike working with other builders.

Maintaining high-quality properties requires the same level of skill and experience needed to build them. In the custom homes we build, every detail has been thought of and extra care has gone into integrating every system and assembly into a fine home. Maintaining a home is no different—it can be just as time consuming as its construction and requires the same high level of skill and knowledge that was needed to build it.

It takes a team to care for a home. EM Rose Builders and Estate Care offers an expert team of project managers, craftsmen and licensed tradesmen who only build high-end homes like yours. As Construction Managers, our sole focus is on building and managing teams of craftsmen who are uniquely qualified, and armed with the knowledge and experience to properly build and then to manage and care for a property every day.