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Who We Work With

Our focus at EM Rose is on projects designed and supervised by Architects. We also welcome opportunities to turn around failing projects where the original builder has to be replaced. Our clients are as excited about their project as we are. They know the value of good design, not just in the "art of architecture" but also in the performance of a completed building. Whether we build a new home, addition or work to reorganize a project, we're dedicated to making your project and your Architect successful.

how we work

EM Rose is a construction management firm with the highest standards for quality and the financial controls to match. Our clients want to know everything about their project and want the control that comes with "knowing more." We operate under the philosophy that "our information is your information." We perform all our work openly and transparently enabling clients and architects to Know More about their project, so the entire team can Build Better.

work with us

EM Rose builds and maintains projects of all sizes. We can join the design team in pre-construction to help steer the project toward your goals, or we can join your team as a partner when you're ready to start building. We can also bid on your project with other qualified builders. Whatever your desired approach, we will make your project a success. Most importantly, we’re your long-term partner and take care of your home with the same high-quality standards as we use to build it.